SUNEL TOBACCO - Management Systems
Management Systems
Technology Studies / Close Farmer Relations

We monitor farming communities of Tobacco with ALP (Agriculture Labour Practices) perspectives and below are the highlights of important topics observed in the regions:

Child Labour
• Minimum working age
• Hazardous works (usage of heavy duty equipment)

Labour Rights
• Fair behaviour (Are the labours treated fairly and respectfully?)
• Forced and compulsory work (Can labours quit work whenever they want?)
• Fees and rights (How are the salaries paid to workers?)
• Working hours ( What is the legal working period per week and how is this applied?)
• Right to syndicate (Are the labours free to join labour unions?)

Environmental Health and Safety
• Application of pesticide
• Health and Safety (EHS)
• Storage and secure usage of PPEs
• Accommodation conditions
• First Aid opportunities (What do they do until professionals arrive to the site?)

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