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CDP Supply Chain Water

In addition to carbon management efforts, Sunel is also working on water management to maintain a sustainable environment for human life. In 2015, Sunel has extended its CDP supply chain response to climate change and water questionnaires by reporting its governance and strategy, risk assessment and direct and supply chain operation data on water.

This year, the annual request for information from CDP sent to you on behalf of 18 CDP supply chain water members and over 800 companies responded to CDP’s 2015 supply chain water information request. The responses are assessed as bands (A, B, B-, C, C-, D, D-) across 4 levels; Disclosure (D/D-), Awareness (C/C-), Management (B/B-), Leadership (A). CDP supply chain water average is D. In its first year, Sunel achieved the score of B- with the level of “management”, with the support of Carbon Clear, a carbon management consultancy specialising in helping organisations to reduce their carbon impact. Sunel will continue to increase its efforts to use water more efficiently both in its and supply chain operations.