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Eliminating Child Labor in Tobacco Production

As SUNEL TİCARET TÜRK A.Ş., we deal with child employment issue very sensitively.
We apply this issue with the 3 strong tracking methods stated below:

ECLT Foundation Membership Conformity with the national and international rules and regulations
STP activities.

By the year of 2010; As Sunel group, performing significant activities concerning the elimination of the child employment in tobacco production (Turkey), we became a member of the ECLT Foundation, founded in 2001 for protecting the children from tobacco business.

These are the foundation activities performed with the common activities of Tobacco companies, producers and syndicates.

The main purpose of ECLT is to struggle with the child employment used in tobacco growing. ECLT carries out its mission by supporting the comprehensive, locally managed programs in tobacco growing areas.

As the ECLT Foundation Board member, Sunel respects and recognizes the principles and rights enshrined in the ILO* Conventions and Recommendations on child labour.

There shall be no use of child labour. We will ensure the elimination of employment or working of children and youth under age 18 under any circumstances whatsoever.

Sunel doesn’t work or cooperate with 3rd parties which don’t comply with the labour law in Turkey. Sunel’s approach to child labour is written in the tobacco growing contract (in “Special Provisions”), in information booklets prepared for the farming community and also in the company web site.

Sunel will support 8 years mandatory and uninterrupted education starting from age 6 which is protected by law in Turkey. We will carry studies to support schools to ensure the children of our farmers continue to necessary education.

According to the Elementary Education Law Nr.222, it’s compulsory to enrol the children between 6 – 14 years by their parents and to guarantee their attendance to the school. It’s prohibited by the law to hire children who have not completed compulsory elementary education.

For light work, in the family farm, children between age of 15 to 18 can do non-hazardous work. It is prohibited by Turkish Labour Law that workers under 18 can’t work in hazardous work. Hazardous Work is defined as work which is by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out, is likely to harm the health, safety, or morals of children.

Sunel will display its best effort to protect the children from all pesticides and hazardous materials and to avoid them lifting up heavy loads. Sunel will perform farm visits to monitor compliance and do risk assessments for farmer living standards to determine their expectations.

(*) ILO Conventions C138 Minimum Age for Admission to Employment & Work (1973); C182 Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour for anyone under 18 (1999); ILO Standards on Child Labor – Turkish Labor Law No.4857 (2003)